Beyond the Pyramid
Last updated November 2012

PHS Databases:

Health Reference Center: Use “Sports Nutrition” as the beginning search term. You may then broaden or narrow your search from there.

Free Websites:
My Fitness Pal: Create an account, and then enter your food choices.

**SuperTracker:** Create an account, and then use the food tracker.

**Kids Nutrition:**A healthy eating calculator created by Baylor College of Medicine.

**Pregame Meal Planner:**A meal planning guide from the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Office.

**The Pregame Meal:**Located on the MIT website, with research from the University of

President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition: Click on the “Resource Center” to locate nutrition and activity information.

**Proper Hydration for Athletes:**This article from details how to properly hydrate.

**Training Diets:**This information from Iowa State University detail what to eat pre and post-game, as well as calorie requirements for different sports. Also included in the site is how to decipher the labels on meal replacement drinks.

Prepared by Beth Kois