Belief Systems

Last Updated October 2016

PHS Library Catalog: Check out the Resource List for books about Belief Systems.

Library Databases: Ask a library staff member for the password to the database page.

Click HERE to go to the database home page. *Remember to use the remote passwords when working in a location other than PHS. Those passwords are on the right side of the page.

Best databases for this project: I am telling you where to look…

Gale PowerSearch

Gale World History in Context

World Book

Free Websites:

BBC Religion: Select the religion you are writing about and then toggle to expand the information.

Comparative Religion: Comprehensive online resource from California State University at Chico.

Information Please: Online encyclopedia with a wide variety of information.

Oswego School District Regents Prep site: This site covers all the major religions.

Religious Tolerance: Explore many faiths and current events in religion on this site.

Presentation Help:

Presentation Zen: Go to this site to learn how to make your presentation great! Of special interest is the tab listed “Slide Tips”.

Prezi: This modern presentation tool is useful for
many projects. Familiarity with it before college is essential. Create a free
account and click on the explore tab at the top of the page to learn how to get
the most out of this program.

Prepared by: Beth Kois, M.Ed.