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January 2012

History of Reliquaries:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: History of Relics and Reliquaries in Medieval Christianity, as well as photographs of examples.

Saints Preserved for Us: Blog with excellent pictures of a wide variety of reliquaries, as well as a brief history.


The Art Institute of Chicago: French Limoges reliquary is pictured.

The Frick Art Museum: Reliquary panels from early Renaissance Italy.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Example of an early reliquary from Italy.
MoMA: Example of modern art referencing reliquary boxes.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art:

Arm Reliquary: This site contains additional audio information about the object.

French Reliquary: Object from the museum’s European Decorative Arts and Sculpture collection.

Reliquary Bust: Painted wood, c.1500.

Reliquary of Saint Benedict of Nursia: Italian, Late 15th century. Audio information available as a bonus.

Spanish Reliquary: From the 1600’s.

Victoria and Albert Museum:

The Symmachi Panel: History of Ivory panels.

The Poor Clare’s Reliquary:Example of a 16th c. reliquary.

The Walters Art Museum

Reliquary Shrine: Example of a Medieval French reliquary.


Jan Baum: Baum is an artist and professor at Towson State University.

Chris Irick: Utica, New York based artist and professor.

David Jones:

Velvet Da Vinci: Examples of Jones’ metalwork.

Three Dimensional Animator: Jones’ work in precious metals.

Prepared by Beth Kois