Academic Success Pathfinder
April 2018

Let’s Get Started: Grab a notebook and label it Study Skills, then begin your journey to learning how to study, find a vocation, and become more interesting!
First Things First… Let’s get organized!
Creating a High School Workspace: Set yourself up for success by creating the right environment.

Learning and Creating Good Habits:
Learning Style Inventory: Discover how you learn best, so you can use the right strategies.
Creating Good Habits: This site contains articles and advice about creating healthy habits in all areas of your life.
Discover Your Skills: Brought to you by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.
Mapping Your Future: Click on the printable guides to help you create a life you love!
What to Eat Before Exams: List of brain boosting foods.
How to be Prepared for Class: Step by step information on what good preparation looks like.

Study Help: Tools you can use to improve your learning!
Cornell Notetaking System: Learn how to take notes that make sense.
Cornell Notetaking Video: Follow along and learn how to power up your notetaking.
Flash Cards: Premade cards to help you study a variety of subjects. Especially good for sciences.
Flash Card Template: Make your own to help you study.
Mind Mapping: Look about halfway down the website for information about mind mapping.
Mind Mapping Video: Teaching you tips and tricks to get started.
How to Study Smarter: Be more effective with your study time.
How to Stay Focused: Quick tips to help you maintaining the focus you need for good grades.
Tools for Academic Success: From College Info Geek. Great suggestions to help you manage your time, studies, and life.
The Right way to Ask Your Teacher for Help: Use these strategies to get more out of your extra help sessions.

Music for Studying and Concentration: Change up what is normally playing through your headphones and try something new!
Playlist #1
Playlist #2
Playlist #3
Playlist #4

Motivation and How to Find Success:
Creating a High School Workspace: Yes, this site is in here twice. If you ignored it the first time, NOW is the time to set yourself up to succeed.
Simon Sinek Tips for Success: Top motivational speaker and advertising executive gives his top 10 rules for success.
The Power of Habit: Setting up your environment to be proactive and change your life for the better. Success is an inside out process.
10 Morning Habits to Jump Start to Jump Start Your Brain: Jim Kwik gives you information on how to get your day off to a good start.
MindValley: YouTube Channel to help you maximize your power and your life!
How to Become More Interesting: Create a more interesting you that will stand out to future employers and college admission officials.

Online Academic Help:
Khan Academy: Sign up for a free account. Use this site after learning a difficult concept in school. Select the same topic and have it explained to you a different way. Hearing the information twice will help you understand it!
Online Sites to Help You Learn: 25 sites to help you with a variety of topics.
Podcasts to Make You a More Interesting Person: Expand your knowledge base by listening to these.
Podcasts for Teens: Information aimed at high school students.